The Wolf Pack A.A. group began in 2001 as a dinner meeting between a sponser and a few young men who were graduating from a local young peoples treatment center. The young men had so many questions that the sponser felt he should invite his sponser and spiritual advisor, along with a few other long sober A.A. members to join them.


Men like Walt Q., Stan G., and Jim M. all with around 50 years of sobriety. They gathered to help these men with their abundance of questions and needs for step work. A rapidly growing number of young men began showing up every Monday night for dinner and fellowship. It was clear these young men were getting their bodies fed by the home cooking and their souls nourished through the loving mentoring freely given by the older gentlemen who were there to share their experience, strength, and hope. 


After a few years, the Monday night meeting was averaging around fifty people every week. It was decided that it was time to become an official group. A business meeting was held, service positions were filled and the Wolf Pack became a regularly scheduled men's stag A.A. meeting. The group has become a roving men's stag meeting that meets in homes and parks all across the Valley of the Sun. The meeting is posted on the web at and each week's location has a map link to make finding the Wolf Pack easy. 


Each Monday night we find the same love, support and fellowship that is the foundation that the Wolf Pack is known for. The group continues to grow with many weekly meetings supporting approximately one hundred men. The Wolf Pack never intended to become an A.A. meeting, it just happened. As a group we strive to serve others, do the next right thing and to be guided by the principles of A.A., the Twelve Traditions, and to be guided by a loving God.